About Us

"We wish to make children proud of our cultural heritage and diversity, while helping them bloom to their best."

We are Ridhima Goel and Dimpali Khattar.

We are best friends and co-founders at Tiber Taber. A friendship that began in design college and got stronger based on our value systems and thoughts led us to build Tiber Taber together. From the very start of things. we both individually knew that we would want to start a brand of our own (Blame It on the Baniya and Sindhi Genes). 

With a survey project done in college, we realised that kidswear was a very interesting and challenging space. Back in 2013, it was a kidswear in India which was highly unorganised and no Indian brand had been able to be successful, this was exciting for us. Like I always say, we were young and foolish and jumped at all things risky and adventurous. So we started Tiber Taber with Ridhima’s cutest doodles and prints and my love for delivering the right fit. She did graphics and I did patterns and sizes. We kickstarted in a basement with 1 tailor and the two of us.  That was an exciting start. Over years our roles evolved, Ridhima now looks after Business and Operations and Dimpali heads Product Design and Development. And all that falls in between and around running an organisation, we keep mutually learning and working our way through it. 

Like any other business we thought about multiple multiple names! We knew we wanted a zing of Indi-Desi. Dimpali is from Udaipur Rajasthan and came up with the first cue – “Taber “ – Little Kids, in the local Marwari Dialect. We instantly added Tiber to it, just how a child gibberishly makes a rhyme out of everything. And that’s how it became “TIBER TABER”

Our Product

We are obsessed about making the best product. The definition of best is ever evolving and individual driven. For us the it means that if we are making a kids product, it should be - 


Kids should look like Kids and not mini-adults. Designs, that should make parents also nostalgic about their childhood. Making cute ethnic wear is a tough design challenge. You don’t want it to be mature and over embellished like adult ethnic wear and you don’t want it be too cartoony like a nursery print. Where is the right balance? It is with Tiber Taber.All our products go through an extensive design process. We love bright colors, we love quirky art, we love our Indian art forms and mythology. 


Children’s ethnic wear is hardly child’s play!Constructing a garment for children is not as simple as a shrunk version of an adult sized garment. It is common to see Kids getting all hassled up and cranky in Party Ethnic Wear? Why o why? Festive celebrations and special occasions are such special memories of our lives. Why would we want anything but joy and happiness! So we took up this herculean task to figure out “what really does a child want?”

Children’s ethnic wear is in fact a great engineering feat.

Childrens bodies are very different from adults. We researched on over 100+ kids of different age groups to understand their size, movement and posture at every age. Based on that we developed ergonomic functional clothing, which will allow the child to be.  Play, jump, create a storm, spill and lick, climb and explore and what not! We make clothes to allow all of that -(Know how we do it)

Hence we can proudly say we create ethnic wear for children exactly as they love it!

Our workspace 

We work out of a creative and vibrant office based out of Noida, Sector-7

(It is at a stone throw distance from Delhi). 

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