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A Part of children's wardrobe and celebrations since 2014, Tiber Taber makes Indian ethnic wear for newborns, infants and kids. Our love for little ones and the void of quality Ethnic wear for them gave us a strong sense of direction.

Hand-picked natural fabrics, meticulous design, and the Midas touch of indigenous artisans are just a few things that define the Tiber Taber philosophy. Comfort and functionality is yet another salient feature the Tiber Taber Team swears by. Our specially designed Dhoti for infants ensures optimum diaper space and each of our pieces is driven by the concepts of ease and fun for the child!

The Tiber Taber Design Team starts off with extensive research of the market as well as unexplored artforms that our country has to offer. The team works tirelessly in doing justice to the craft while adding our own little spin to it!

Our products are mindfully crafted to be forever remembered as the little one's special firsts and keepsakes. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that we meant something special to a family and their little one somewhere far away!