How, What and Why? Ridhima and Dimpali give never-known-before insights about Tiber Taber!

How, What and Why? Ridhima and Dimpali give never-known-before insights about Tiber Taber!

Fig 1. Ridhima Goel (left) and Dimpali Khattar (right): The co-founders of Tiber Taber

Seven years ago, two fresh fashion graduates had the zest to start something of their own. They stood by each other’s side and plunged into the unknown vastness of the fashion industry. New to everything and with little ‘how to run a brand’ knowledge but a whole lot of courage and passion, Ridhima and Dimpali envisioned a future together -
today, it is called ‘Tiber Taber

Starting a business is quite literally, sweat and tears. You need investment, labour, raw material and most of all, support. Back in 2013, TT started off with just 2 sewing machines that the girls purchased using their parents’ initial investment. Tiber Taber is literally their child who grew up at Ridhima's house (cool to say, basement). The girls, a tailor and a master - that’s all the brand was back then! Hiring and sourcing was a pain being girls. To build a belief in our society that two girls could lead a strong business was an added hardship along the way. 

Fig 2. Shopfloor: where all the hard work and magic happens

However, passion overcame everything else. When asked, Dimpali said, “We had our ups and downs, but don’t all businesses? What matters more is how we deal with it along the way.” During the initial TT phase, two things happened simultaneously - they worked towards a brand identity (kidswear) and took custom orders for anyone and everyone. Customisation was a source to keep making money and timely paying the workers. Apparently, Ridhima was the ‘iron-man’ and Dimpali would sew up the buttons most of the time!

The years 2017-2018 played a major role for the brand as a whole. Ridhima and Dimpali formed the ‘Tiber Taber Fashion Pvt Ltd’ company. They soon represented themselves in the Indian Kids Fashion Week which had a hefty fee to get in. Luckily, Asian Paints liked TT’s collection and decided to sponsor. Soon after, the girls realised that B2B channels were working better for the brand. Hence, they kept operating from the e-commerce platforms. Tiber Taber got its first office in Delhi in 2018.

Fig 3. Early days of the new office vs. now

When asked about their greatest accomplishment along the years, the girls mentioned the office and their parents walking in for the first time. IN. THEIR. DAUGHTER’S. OFFICE. What a proud moment that’d have been!
Shifting, again, was a new start and along with it, came new setbacks.The workers had a hard time adjusting to a completely new environment. From having a home-like indisciplined routine to regulated office hours, the shift was major. Additionally, the collections at the time got pushed and delayed. Sales were paused. But both Goel and Dimpy (that’s what they call each other) worked hard, covered their losses and bounced back within the next 6 months.

Their journey since, has been touchwood uphill. People started taking pride in wearing TT’s clothes which made them feel loved. The internet boomed and flourished their identity. In recent years, Tiber Taber has been donned by celebrity kids as well - including Neha Dhupia and Babita Phogat. Clients share adorable images and videos celebrating their family functions and festivities in #tibertaber which keeps the brand going.

Fig 4. Celebrating our #instafamily crossing 25K followers on Instagram

For Tiber Taber, this is just the beginning. There’s a long beautiful journey for TT to uncover with its cute little customers!

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