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Boy Blue Monkey Kurta Boy Blue Monkey Kurta Boy Blue Monkey Kurta
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Boy Blue Monkey Kurta
Boy Blue Monkey Kurta
Boy Blue Monkey Kurta

Boy Blue Monkey Kurta

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No Bites, No bugs, No itching, No diseases! The Happy Monkey Bengali kurta is the perfect blend of smart fusion clothing with comfort and style. The soothing shade of blue and the playful monkey print are a unique combination. Style it with denims or pajamas for a versatile look, all while buzzing away the mosquitoes effortlessly. 

  • 100% cotton, with Tiber Taber original artwork print.
  • The fabric is extensively researched to present you with a reliable solution against the dreaded mosquitoes.
  • It is marked safe and effective by the Government of India Labs. It is a patented technology to impregnate the fabric with N'N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET). The same has proven to be durable and effective to repel mosquitoes and insects.
  • Marked Safe, in accordance with WHO (World Health Organisation) Safety Standards.
  • Eco - friendly. The same does not kill / harm mosquitoes, which are an essential part of our ecosystem and play a vital role in natural pollination.
  • Mosquito Repellent, durable and effective up to 70-80 Washes
  • Non-toxic and Odorless; Impregnated clothing ensures, that DEET and other treatment chemicals are not applied directly to the skin, which makes it much safe to use as compared to Mosquito repellent creams and sprays.
  • Machine Wash Cold

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